Business Coaching


“Success has no limits”

If you’re ready to push your business to the next level, increase profitability and strengthen your brand it’s time to take advantage of our 8 week Ultimate Coaching Programme (UCP).


UCP is designed to help you grow your business by refining and realizing your strategic business & financial targets to achieve maximum results. This is a very intense, results oriented programme which is strategically designed to boost revenue and profits for  your business. Our coaching is guaranteed to produce some of the best business outcomes you could imagine for your business.

What’s Included:

Business Diagnostics, Leadership Development, Goal Setting, Tools and Resources, Weekly check-in meetings, Business Documents and Templates, Funding your Business Guide, On Going Training


Who We Serve?

-Self-employed Professionals

-Small & Medium-Sized Business Owners

-Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Results Our Clients Have Reported:

These are some of the results reported by our clients:

-Doubling profits

-Accessing financing

-Substantial increase in revenues

-Expansion to new markets

-Increased foreign exchange earnings

-Increased brand awareness

-Overcoming debt


For more information on how to get started call 908-3644 or send email to