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Corporate Training

Corporate training offers companies the opportunity to enhance the creativity and productivity of  their employees. We deliver  training that develops innovation skills &  competencies which gives participants the confidence and tools to innovate. Every training will result in tangible outputs for the  company, such as new ideas, products, services and processes.

Corporate training offers best practices in innovation policy development to create an  enabling environment, keep staff consistently motivated & empower  management to sustain & strengthen an innovation culture.We offer training in areas such as sales, networking,customer service, intrapreneurship etc. These training solutions create more effective, robust and productive employees that are able to better serve your company in different capacities that will result in:
-New products
-New services
-More efficient ways of doing business
-New ways to delight customers
-Less waste & increases to the bottom line.

Our clients are typically medium & large companies and organizations that want to create or reinforce a strong culture of innovation. We have executed successful training programmes for entities such as: Vital Voices Global Partnership, Dairy Industries Limited, and the Jamaica Association of Administrative Professionals, to name a few.

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Online Training:

Our comprehensive training programme is also conveniently available online, making it accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time with just an internet connection. Cost: US$47.

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